Load/Save As dialog with SQL backend

Frank H. Ellenberger f.ellenberger at online.de
Fri Jan 16 19:23:35 EST 2009

Hi Phil,

Am Sunday 11 January 2009 21:37:51 schrieb Phil Longstaff:
> Possible solution: provide a dialog similar in appearance to the
> preferences dialog.  on the left side is a list with entries "sqlite",
> "xml", "mysql" and "postgresql".  If sqlite or "xml" is selected, the left
> side is a standard Gtk open or save widget.  If "mysql" or "postgresql" is
> selected, the left side is the "database connection" dialog which allows
> the user to enter
> host/database/username/password.

Sounds good to me, but it would probably be more userfriendly if you only put 
the list (xml, sqlite ...) on the left side and the other stuff on the RIGHT 
side. ;-)

> Thoughts?  I'll probably implement this and add to the menus (while keeping
> the current load/save as) so people can use and provide feedback.
> Phil


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