GnuCash reports via eguile - probably not

Josh Sled jsled at
Tue Jan 20 14:06:36 EST 2009

Chris Dennis <cgdennis at> writes:
> Thinking it through, even if it were possible to pass parameters to the 
> template code, we'd be opening a huge security risk.  We'd be 
> encouraging Joe User to create a template containing code that has full 
> access to the workings of GnuCash.

There is no security risk here.  The software does and should have full
access to the software.

> What is really needed is some sort of wiki-like markup that can be 
> parsed by Guile code and includes references to GnuCash objects. 
> Something like this (I know the 'variable' names I've used are very 
> un-GnuCash-like), for which I've used TiddlyWiki-like markup:

I'd encourage "you" to not add another layer of formatting or
translation.  Just have the template iterate over objects, call
accessors and format data for rendering.

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