Installing SLIB 3b1 with Guile 1.8.6 (to work with Gnucash 2.8.8) [SOLVED]

Ludovic Courtès ludo at
Thu Jan 29 08:33:11 EST 2009


Tom Browder <tom.browder at> writes:

> [Note that instructions need to be updated to work with slib 3b1; note also
> that the link to the SLIB installation is broken.]

IIUC, the only differences is that you used .../guile/site instead of
../guile/1.8, and that you removed the reference to
$SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH, is this correct?

Note of these is supposed to make any difference, from which I conclude
the instructions in Guile's manual are already correct.  :-)

> 6.1.1 SLIB installation
> The following procedure works, e.g., with SLIB version 3b1 (see SLIB
> installation):

The important point with this sentence is that SLIB is third-party
software, so it's the section of the SLIB manual referenced here that
has the last word anyway.

> Notice also that the directory /usr/local/share/guile/site was not
> produced during the guile installation

To me more precise, it's $datarootdir/guile/site and
$datarootdir/guile/1.8 that are produced.  So if you choose
$datarootdir_!=_/usr/local/share, then no, that directory is not
created---but it's not in Guile's `%load-path' either.


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