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Robert Stocks robert.stocks at
Fri Jan 30 09:35:28 EST 2009

HI, I use the income/expense barchart reports to generate some data to
feed into my custom reporting/budgeting solution (Excel pivot tables)
because with the show table option turned on you get some nicely
summarised data that is easy to import and work with in excel.

My problem was that the chart got in the way and made selecting the
data to copy tricky.

The attached patch adds an option to both these reports (and the
others based on the shared logic) that allows turning the display of
the chart off ("Show Chart" option that defaults to true),

This is not optimised code as it still generates the chart it just
doesn't display it, but my scheme skills are not up to working out
what would be involved in doing that

Also it allows uses to shoot themselves in the foot and turn off both
the chart and the table and generate a blank report, it might be a
good idea to show a warning in that situation.

I don't intend to do either of the these as what I have is good enough
for my needs, and I don't really have any more time to spend on it, so
will quite understand if you don't accept this patch.

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