Common code indentation (follow-up to 2007 discussion)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri Jun 5 14:47:23 EDT 2009

Now that we've come back to working on one single branch (trunk), we should 
reconsider the idea from back in 2007: We should re-indent the whole code 
into one single indentation scheme. See

Quote from there: I'd like to propose the following "indent" options. 


-nut	No tabs. Indentation is done with spaces.
-i4	Add four spaces for each indent level
-ci4	Continuation lines are indented by four spaces
-cli4	Case labels are indented by four spaces
-ppi4	Nested pre-processor defines are indented by four spaces
-nbc	Do not force newlines after commas in declarations (default)
-nbfda	Don´t put each argument in a function declaration
        on a separate line (default)
-lp	Line up continued lines at parentheses (default)
-psl	Put the type of a procedure on the line before its name.
-bbo	Prefer to break long lines before boolean operators.

Blank Lines

-nsob	Do not swallow optional blank lines (default)
-bad	Force a blank line after a declaration.
-bbb	Force a blank line before a block comment.
-bap	Force blank lines after procedure bodies.


-fca	Reformat all comments except those starting in column 1
-fc1	Reformat comments starting in column 1
-sc	Continuation lines in a comments start with a '*'
[Added from discussion:]
-lc80 Comment line width of 80


-npcs	Do not put space after the function in function calls.
-nprs	Do not put a space after every ´(´ and before every ´)´.

-ncs	Do not put a space after cast operators.
-saf	Put a space after each for.
-sai	Put a space after each if.
-saw	Put a space after each while.
[Added from discussion:]
-ss On one-line for and while statments, force a blank before the semicolon. 

-brs	Put braces on struct declaration line.
-br	Put braces on line with if, etc.
-ce	Cuddle else and preceeding `}´.
-cdw	Cuddle while of do {} while; and preceeding `}´.


-l80	Line width of 80.
[Discussion ended unclear on this one. Maybe -l95 instead.]

If this is agreed upon, someone needs to actually apply this patch. (I'm 
rather short on time to do this, but would do it if nobody else steps up.)

In any case, right now is a good time to do this, so we should do it.



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