Win32 Daily Builds available

Tom Peterson thomas.tap.peterson at
Mon Jun 8 07:13:31 EDT 2009

Here is a more detailed description and a second issue. I'm running on 
Windows XP.

Issue 1: (original issue) Unable to open an existing file with File-Open:

The menu has two selections: sqlite3, the default, and xml. If I leave 
it set as sqlite3 and specify my file then I get the following Dialog:

         -  The server at URL sqlite3://C:\Documents and Settings
             \Tom\My Documents\Downloads\test.gnucash
             experienced an error or encountered bad or corrupt data.

For some unknown reason gnucash crashed prior to me being able to press 
the Close button in the dialog.  I restarted gnucash and tried it again 
a couple more times but could not cause the crash to reoccur. 

I went on to try the xml menu entry but immediately after selecting 
File->Open, gnucash crashed again. After restarting gnucash, I selected 
the xml menu entry instead and specified my file and then I got the 
following Dialog:

         -  The file xml://C:\Documents and Settings\Tom\My
             Documents\Downloads\test.gnucash could not be found.

I don't see any other options from the File->Open dialog to specify an 
old fashioned file so I'm unable to open my file.

Someone will need to point me to the web page describing how to capture 
the crash information so that I can forward it.

Issue 2: When starting up, while processing Finance::Quote, I get the 
following Dialog:

   perl.exe - Unable to locate Component
        X  This application has failed to start because SSLEAY32.dll was 
not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

After pressing the OK button gnucash continues and starts up.

The error message is less than ideal. It should probably be more 
specific and note that the Install Online Price Retrieval program needs 
to be manually executed prior to having Finance::Quote available.

Anyway, I went on to manually execute the Install Online Price Retrieval 
program from the Startup menu but I got the following error in the 
command dialog:

   Install Online Price Retrieval
       Did not find ssleay32.dll in current directory.
       Please start this cmd file in the bin directory created by the 
       An error occurred, see above.
       Press any key to continue...

I searched the entire installed gnucash directory and could not find 

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Your existing data file is a gzipped XML file, so File -> Open should
> open it just fine.  I'm not sure what it's complaining about.
> -derek
> Quoting Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at>:
>> The library used for the database backend, libdbi, requires a driver 
>> for each database engine.  I don't know where you got your libdbi 
>> from, but you also want to get the correct driver.  Currently, only 
>> sqlite3, mysql and postgresql are supported.  If the driver is 
>> available, an entry will appear in the dropdown list.
>> Phil
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>> I just installed gnucash-2.3.0-svn-r18109-setup.exe but I can't 
>> figure out how to open a copy of my existing gnucash file.  
>> File->Open seems to only want to open sqlite3 or xml databases.  What 
>> am I missing?
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