Common code indentation (follow-up to 2007 discussion)

Kevin Buckley kevin.m.buckley at
Wed Jun 10 02:16:17 EDT 2009

> Charles Day <cedayiv at> writes:
>> I strongly prefer -bl to -br. Easier to visually match parens makes it
>> easier to read, harder to make mistakes. It adds lines, but is worth it in
>> my opinion. I like the rest, though personally I prefer two spaces for
>> indents rather than four. It helps reduce line breaks and I still find it
>> quite readable.

Sorry to stick my oar in here but surely it shouldn't really matter what
the minutiae of an indent style the GnuCash sources are stored in or
distributed as.

What matters, is providing that indent style, into which they have to
be converted
before commiting/opertaing against a Repository so as to avoid
"clashes of style",
to anyone likely to commit code.

If one developer/reader of the code has a preferred style, they should
run indent,
with their style, on any checked-out code and operate with whatever makes them
feel comfortable.

When they come to put things back in, they run indent, against any changed files
(make usually helps here), with the CVS/SVN/Respository style and proceed.

And in many ways, surely the simpler the storage style the better?

Just tell everyone to run a vanilla


before operating against the GnuCash repository and just let indent do
its thing:
no need to define a style at all.

Again, apologies for the noise if seen as such.

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