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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 15 10:30:48 EDT 2009

John Ralls <jralls at> writes:

> Derek,
> You do realize that this is working now and has been for well over a
> year, right?

Define "this"..  I know that we've had a build-your-own non-X11 GnuCash
working for well over a year..  But that's not necessarily a portable
GnuCash.App that we could build and distribute in a .dmg and let people
put it wherever they want.

> And it isn't intel-only, it works just fine on PPC if built for that.
> It just isn't a universal binary, meaning that the same build won't
> work on both intel and ppc boxes. Until I can get the hard-coded paths
> ironed out, it's not easily movable from the machine it's built on
> anyway. (Though I was helping a guy build a couple of days ago, and he
> thinks he got around that by just building the whole tree into /
> Applications/ I haven't heard back from
> him whether the installation actually transferred.)

Yes, I understand that as well.  My point is that I think this is okay,
and if we get a huge call for a PPC package then someone can just take
our automated build scripts (once we set them up) and set up a build on
a PPC based Mac.

> Anyway, since you have a mac ready to go, the instructions are at
> . Give it a try!

There's too much "build by hand" here.  I'm looking for a simple that I can put into a crontab and have it build
everything.  Not that I'm not willing to do some of this work myself (I
spent this whole weekend working on the win32 build system in order to
automatically detect and build new release tags), but that web page
seems way too interactive for my taste.

> I don't think that the is really a problem. We just have a
> and make can pick that up instead of when
> GDK_QUARTZ is true.

Um, sure.. I guess that works...  We sorta do that on Win32, where we
set up a gnucash.bat that then calls gnucash-bin.  So effectively we're
doing that now for Win32, I don't see why we couldn't do it for
gnucash-osx as well.

> Anyway, on to details. The patches that are currently published are
> for 2.2.6, but you'd probably prefer to skip over that and patch
> current. I can prepare patches for that pretty easily. Do you prefer
> to get them here or on bugzilla? We're probably looking at a week or
> so before I get to it... I want to get the gtk-osx framework builds
> working a bit better and release the binaries before I switch back to
> working on gnucash.

Yeah, we should work against trunk, not 2.2.

There's no immediate rush on this -- it's been THIS long without it,
another week can't hurt.  But I think it would be REALLY COOL if we
could get the automated system up and running before 2.4.0!  Imagine a
2.4.0 release that had a .dmg installer!!!

My issue is that although I have the build system available, I'm not a
Mac User (or Mac Developer, or even a Mac Admin).

> Regards,
> John Ralls


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