GnuCash Documentation in PDF format

Clark webclark at
Fri Jun 19 22:01:40 EDT 2009

Tom Browder wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 17:08, Clark<webclark at> wrote:
>> I used Adobe Acrobat Pro to do a pre-press on the PDF.  The images which
>> print too big are specified to be at 75 DPI, the ones that print right are
>> about 120~126 DPI.  In all cases the numbers are not exact, and vary
>> slightly from image to image.
> ...
>> Hope this helps.  Hope this works!
> Ray, I'm sure it will be helpful.  I hope to root around in the xml code soon.
> Regards,
> -Tom
> Tom Browder
> Niceville, Florida
Forgive me if I am being redundant, but I want to be sure I am understood.

I don't think it is in the XML code, I don't think it has anything to do 
with DocBook or the XML.  I think it is in the .png, .jpg, .tif, 
.whatever image file that it references.

I think that the creator of the PDF can protect itself from this 
uncontrolled image parameter by coding a scaling to fit into a bounding box.


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