Change 18153

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Tue Jun 23 08:01:04 EDT 2009

On June 23, 2009 03:24:59 am you wrote:
> Hey Phil,
> Thanks for applying my patches so quickly.  Had a quick question - in
> the script, is there a reason you still generate
> gnucash-valgrind as a special case on Windows?  I don't believe it
> references any variables that need to be overridden (and would probably
> be generated incorrectly, since it does reference @-BIN_DIR-@ to locate
> the gnucash-setup-env script, but the script sets @-BIN_DIR-@
> to a long list of paths as a hack).  Thanks,

gnucash-valgrind references @-TOP_SRC_DIR- at .


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