AqBanking on Win32 - GWEN_TYPE_UINT32 undefined

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Jun 23 19:12:34 EDT 2009

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Peter Hansen <peter at> writes:
>> I did have to tweak for gnutls (to 2.8.1 as, I believe,
>> 2.7.3 wasn't found on the site.
> What did you download?
> Trunk builds just fine from scratch as of a week ago on WinXP.

Revision 17997 apparently (see below).  I intended to download the 
latest, per instructions on the site, but perhaps I managed not to do 
that.  I'll double-check, since the "last changed date" is from Feb 23! 
  (I'm nearly certain it was trunk/HEAD at the time, as there's no way I 
would have specified a particular revision.)

c:\soft\packaging>svn info
Path: .
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 57a11ea4-9604-0410-9ed3-97b8803252fd
Revision: 17997
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: andi5
Last Changed Rev: 17948
Last Changed Date: 2009-02-23 15:19:03 -0500 (Mon, 23 Feb 2009)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
Engenuity Corporation

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