Documentation: PDF Cleanup for the Guide

Tom Browder tom.browder at
Wed Jun 24 07:13:50 EDT 2009

Now that I can reliably generate the Guide in PDF format, I'm
investigating docbook markup to improve the looks.

The first thing I've done (for the first ten or so figures) is to make
a copy of the <imagemedia> elements and make one have the role of html
and the other the role of fo.  That way I can scale the images
differently and also change the alignment to center rather than the
default left alignment.  The first several I've done improve the PDF
looks immensely.  I will be happy to send anyone a copy of the first
two chapters (before and after) to see the changes (about 2 Mb each).

Before I go further I need to make sure I'm not heading off alone and
that the changes are desired by all.

I recommend doing the following (PDF only):

1.  Make most, if not all, screen shots and other graphics proper
figure groups with titles and all.  All figures should be centered.

2.  Improve the cover.

3.  Change the page numbering to <chapter>-<page>.

I also will look into all the warnings I get to see if they can be
eliminated, or at least reduced.

None of the changes should affect the current html output.



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