Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Tue Jun 30 15:09:59 EDT 2009

Phil Longstaff wrote:
> Chris,
> what do you still need to do to have your new invoice and template 
> available to include in the 2.3.X/2.4 stream? At the very least, we 
> should add support so that your stuff gets font information from 
> gnucash. Gnucash can, in turn, get the info from gconf.
> Phil

I've been distracted from GnuCash work recently.

The tax invoice and balance sheet reports are working.  They need people
to try them and test them and comment on them.  See the very incomplete
wiki page at --
I'll try to add more to that page soon.

The two reports I've done so far don't get font information from gnucash
or gconf.  Or rather, if the user doesn't specify a font, then Webkit
(presumably) uses whatever is the default.  The user can specify a font
in the normal CSS way (e.g. "Arial, sans" and "small" or "10pt"), and
then Webkit will use that.



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