Advanced Portfolio and dividend in cash (was: How toregisteradividend in cash?)

AmigaPhil AmigaPhil at
Sat May 9 14:33:40 EDT 2009

Jannick Asmus wrote:

> In order to see the dividend in both the income statement and the advanced
> portfolio, book an ordinary transactions for incurring dividends (div
> income -> bank, say) and make sure that you have an additional line
> associated to your share account with the single entry 1 in the column
> called something like "price" (sorry I do not know what it is called in the
> English version, since I am working with the German version).
> Note that the only way to enter this is in the window showing the
> transactions of your share account. Do not try to enter this transaction in
> window of the dividend income or bank account.

Very interesting tip, thanks !

I've updated bug #581191 and I think it can be closed now. (Andreas Kohler ?)


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