Fwd: GnuCash Lithuanian translation

Tadas Masiulionis tadzikaz at gmail.com
Wed May 20 06:41:59 EDT 2009


I tried to build GnuCash from source follow these steps:

*sudo apt-get install gettext texinfo subversion autoconf \
  libgconf2-dev libxml++2.6-dev intltool libtool swig \

  slib guile-1.6-slib guile-1.6-dev doxygen libgtk2.0-dev \
  libgnomeui-dev libglade2-dev libgoffice-0-6-dev \
  libgtkhtml3.14-dev libofx-dev libfinance-quote-perl libdate-manip-perl*

*mkdir -p $HOME/unstable $HOME/development

rm -rf $HOME/unstable/gnucash $HOME/development/gnucash
cd $HOME/development
svn checkout http://svn.gnucash.org/repo/gnucash/trunk gnucash

cd gnucash
./configure --prefix=$HOME/unstable/gnucash --enable-debug
--enable-doxygen --enable-error-on-warning --enable-compile-warnings


But i got error after last command:
*checking for guile... /usr/bin/guile
checking for guile - 1.6.0 <= version < 99.99.99... no:
configure: WARNING: guile version check failed
configure: error:

  guile does not appear to be installed correctly, or is not in the
  correct version range.  Perhaps you have not installed the guile
  development packages?  Gnucash requires at least version 1.6 to build.*

May somebody help me to solve a problem?
I use development version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Karmic).
I want to continue Lithuanian translation of GnuCash...

Thank you.


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