Scheduled Transactions as Unscheduled Templates

Havard Rast Blok nn2 at
Sun May 24 16:22:14 EDT 2009


I recently sent out this on the user-list, however did not receive any 
answers (only two, "me too"), so I thought I'd try here.

If possible, I'd like to try to implement this. Any tips, ideas or comments?


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Subject: Scheduled Transactions as Unscheduled Templates
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 09:22:23 +0200
From: Havard Rast Blok <nn2 at>
To: gnucash-user at


The automatic transaction history of GnuCash is one of my favourite
features, and scheduled transactions takes this one step further: now
only a single number is all it takes to complete a transaction.

However, not all reoccurring transactions follow a defined schedule.
Take paying for postage or stamps as an example: It happens frequently
with different amounts, but is usually not scheduled. When I need to
enter a transaction of this type, I'd still like the power of the
template functionality, though. Then I can type in only the gross
amount, and the rest (VAT, etc.) is filled out automatically.

I've browsed several threads, wiki and docs, but cannot find any way to
set up an "unscheduled" template. Is it worth a feature request?

Relevant TODO lists I found include:

Havard Rast Blok

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