gnucash 2.3 windows

David Valicek daValicek at
Mon May 25 04:15:04 EDT 2009

Dear development team,


Let me appreciate GnuCash. I like its easy to use, simple GUI with range of
functionalities (multicurrency.).


Despite, I could not bear the way of data storage up until now. So, I am
excited about version 2.3 --- and hopefully stable 2.4 version. 


I tried to compile the source on Vista. But I was not successful:


After the build ( I 've had to supplement one path to the gnucash
file (path to libgcrypt-11.dll). When starting gnucash an error appears:


(gnucash-bin.exe:7836): GLib-WARNING **: Passing a non-NULL package to
g_win32_get_package_installation_directory() is deprecated and will not work
in GLib after 2.18.


                . and the splash screen disappears and program does not



I may not live to see it ;( 





David Valicek

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