win32 daily build is set up on

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu May 28 05:38:08 EDT 2009

Derek and I managed to set up a daily win32 build of the full gnucash package 
on a vmware machine on This build is triggered by running the 
shell script 
every night. The result is the current setup.exe installer, 71 MB, of gnucash 

However, the last step of publishing the file somewhere is still missing, so 
nobody can see the result so far :-). But Derek is working on this, and 
eventually we will have the win32 gnucash build from trunk and the log from 
the build process online somewhere. (The log might be helpful if on any given 
day there isn't an updated win32 package but instead the log terminated 
somewhere because of a compiler error.)

As this is now in place, we could very well compile a different tag instead of 
trunk, or other branches, or whatever. Compiling gnucash and creating the 
setup.exe takes approx. 30 minutes, but only if all prerequisites are already 
compiled and installed. Compiling all prerequisites takes well over 3-5 



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