win32 daily build is set up on

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu May 28 09:11:19 EDT 2009

Am Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009 12:04 schrieb Sebastian Held:
> On Thursday 28 May 2009 11:38:08 Christian Stimming wrote:
> > Derek and I managed to set up a daily win32 build of the full gnucash
> > package on a vmware machine on This build is triggered by
> > running the shell script
> >
> >ui every night. The result is the current setup.exe installer, 71
> > MB, of gnucash trunk.
> It would be perfect, if the setup is split into pieces: gnucash itself
> (which will change every day) and base packages (qt, gnome, ... do not
> change often). This will reduce bandwidth consumption and increase
> adoption.
Feel free to add more comments there. You (or anyone else) is also kindly 
invited to submit patches to achieve this by e.g. on-demand download of 
add-on packages, either within the currently used "Inno Setup" installer 
program, or by changing the installer to "NSIS" and adding it there. 

In other words: Someone has to do it. As soon as someone does it, it will be 


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