Another problem with scheme query and SQL backend

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Sun May 31 12:41:13 EDT 2009

On May 31, 2009 06:53:23 am Erwin Rieger wrote:
> Hi,
> i have another funny problem with querying data from scheme with the
> (my)sql backend.
> The query from my previous posts do only return transactions that
> are/were shown in the gui (ledger)!
> Steps to reproduce:
>       * install config.user from my previous post in ~/.gnucash
>       * open a nonempty sql-book with gnucash (with --extra command line
>         option), all accounts closed, only account-tree visible
>       * run scheme query from the "Extensions - AQueryTest1" menu
>       * watch output on console: "got 0 transactions..."
>       * open a account with transactions in it
>       * run scheme query from the "Extensions - AQueryTest1" menu a
>         second time
>       * watch output on console, now it reports a number of returned
>         transactions
>       * close ledger view of account
>       * re-run query, console still reports a number of returned
>         transactions

Yes, there definitely isn't support for general queries, yet.  I *do* have 
something in there which is commented out, so maybe I need to get it working.  
I wasn't aware of the extensions menu, so didn't have a way of creating a 
general query.  All I had was the ones built into gnucash.  The main one is a 
split query for a single account, used to populate a register, and at this 
point, the assumption is that that is the only query used.  This explains why 
your BQueryTest fails (isn't split query for a single account) and why this 
test here fails (it might load a single account, but not all accounts).  
However, any accounts which have a ledger open would have had those 
splits/transactions already loaded.


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