Wishlist for GC Windows XP - update, share value, share statistics

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at rogers.com
Fri Sep 4 14:22:23 EDT 2009

A couple of questions.

#2: please be more specific.  Where do you want to see this information?  On the accounts page?  In a report?
#3: can you provide an example?  If you had the balance sheet, with one column per day/month/quarter/year, would that be what you are asking for?  Totals?  Graph with individual accounts or totals?


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Subject: Wishlist for GC Windows XP - update, share value, share statistics

Dear GC Experts and Developers,

I am NO accountant and NO programmer, and use GnuCash (GC) under Windows XP with SP3 for personal finances. As GC is quickly evolving into a stable 2.4, I would like to request the following features.

1. a "smart update" function that retrieves and installs patches for GC and ALL of the critical components for currency conversions and security quotes (ie for bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc)

2. a clear listing of per-share value retrieved for each security asset/investment account in addtion to the total value per account that is currently shown

3. a graph and report function that shows the growth or decline of my various assets/investments by asset account and in total asset value, whether by day, by month, by quarter or by year at my choice

Thank you and best wishes to all of you in the USA for a great Labor Day holiday!

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