Resizing last column in registry (2.3.5)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Sep 19 19:11:04 EDT 2009


Quoting Dan Poirier <poirier at>:

> Using 2.3.5 on Ubuntu Linux, I can't figure out how to change the width
> of the last column in the registry.
> I can change other columns (except the description) by dragging the
> divider on their right side, but this column of course has no divider on
> its right side.  Widening the entire window just widens the description.

There is a divider on the right side, it's just not 'visible' -- but you
can still grab it and drag it off the right hand side of the window, which
will make the register larger than the window and cause a scrollbar to
appear.  THEN you can decrease the size of the description column, which
is designed to always auto-fill to the size of the window (i.e., the
description column will always expand so the register fills the window).

To reduce the size of the register column you need to expand some other
column to make the register larger than the window, then you can reduce
the size of the desc column.

> Thanks,
> Dan


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