Proposals/feedback for a distributed version control system for cutecash?

Colin Law clanlaw at
Tue Apr 6 05:28:24 EDT 2010

2010/4/6 Christian Stimming <stimming at>:
> I've forked timabell's import of gnucash's svn into git on and
> added the missing commits since his last update. Everyone is invited to pull
> from this git repo to see how working with the git side would look like:
>  Browse to:
>  Clone in git:   git clone git://
> In particular, downloading everything by "git clone" doesn't take that long,
> hence I don't understand some comments here which mentioned the need for an
> extra download-all-in-one-file requirement. Also, encourages to
> create forks of existing repositories easily (such as this one), so I guess
> this is an easy playground for testing the git access to our code.

It is about 90MB but github sourced it at my full connection speed of
2Mb (in the UK) and it took less than 9 minutes go clone.  Since
cloning is a rare occurrence for each user I do not see that as a
problem, for most anyway.

I would just query the name (gnucash-svn).  If this became the master
repository for git the name may seem a bit odd after a year or two
have passed, and to change the name after the event would be difficult
I think.  Arguably straight gnucash might be better.

Colin L

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