reports, template/library proposal -- LAML

Laimonas Vėbra laimonas.vebra at
Fri Apr 16 12:17:07 EDT 2010

Phil Longstaff wrote:

> I just took a look at laml.  It basically is a scheme library to
> generate various xml outputs, including html.  The advantage is that it
> works at a much higher level of abstraction than we currently have.  The
> disadvantage is that it is still scheme code.

IMHO -- it's advantage. We are not requiring, that, e.g. GIMP plugins 
should be written in a way, that people, who doesn't know anything about 
scheme, could write it...

> The purpose of the eguile reports is to provide an HTML template which
> is filled in by the eguile code.  This allows people who don't know
> scheme programming to modify the HTML template so that the output looks
> the way they want.  I'm not sure if we could meet that goal using laml.

For people, who doesn't know scheme programming that kind of messy stuff 
like plain html and scheme sewn/glued together, is not a suitable 
solution either, because they should learn scheme (or pseudo templating 
using much of scheme programming) anyway...

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