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John Ralls jralls at
Mon Aug 2 15:35:38 EDT 2010

On Jul 29, 2010, at 2:22 PM, hawki wrote:

> The source forge latest is for Intel
> I don't know enough to do anything but download and double click. This used
> to work fine, but mysteriously my gnucash will no longer open, but rather I
> get an OS message "Type your password to allow osascript to make changes". 
> If I do this nothing seems to happen.   
> However, if I double click the mounted dmg , I get the same request for
> password, but then gnucash opens beautifully. So as a work around I can
> always mount the image and run it that way.

No, the latest is, though the link on the gnucash website is for

If you can't follow simple directions (and I think the ones I gave you are pretty simple), then there's nothing anyone here can do to help you. Perhaps you can hire a local tech to come help you. But one has to wonder that if that's the case, how are you able to use a rather complex program like Gnucash?

In any case, this is a list for developers working on the latest Gnucash and those testing it. You have issues related to using the stable release, so please have your tech use gnucash-users at for any further questions.

John Ralls

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