Updated Latvian po file. Comments about Gnucash training session

Valdis Vītoliņš valdis.vitolins at odo.lv
Wed Aug 4 12:13:37 EDT 2010

please replace updated po file for Latvian.

Today we finished 3 day (15 hours in total) Gnucash usage course for
professional accountants and interesents.
General attitude was very positive, and attendants were quite impressed.
Professional accountants had used small/medium business accountant
systems developed in Latvia.
They used computers with Windows 7, with Gnucash nightly build 19381,
I used Ubuntu with the most recent version built from SVN.

As the most positive features they rated:
1. Zero cost
2. Always visible balances for synthetic (parent) accounts
3. Customizable reports (using only UI), even they agreed Invoice need a
column for Tax table to be usable;-)
3a. They rated customization possibilities as the most powerful (for
non-developers using UI) for all accounting systems they have used
3b. As the most useful report for customization was agreed "Transaction
3c. As very good feature was noted that custom reports are saved as
Gnucash property, not project property.
So customized reports can be used for several similar projects/files
(for different clients and/or legal entities),
which is not possible for other systems, where customization should be
done and report saved for each project separately.)

As strange  feature was noted sometimes unpredictable behavior for
transaction entries.
Tab and Enter seemed to work better than clicking with mouse in cells.
"Basic Ledger", "Double view" seemed do work more properly, than other

As bypass product I updated localization strings where I got suggestions
for improvements.
Next week we will have another session where we will use more recent


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