compile error r19409

Herbert Thoma herbert.thoma at
Fri Aug 6 09:37:31 EDT 2010


I get a compiler error in r19409:

cc1: warnings being treated as errors
dialog-file-access.c: In function ‘gnc_ui_file_access’:
dialog-file-access.c:253: error: ‘gconf_section’ may be used uninitialized in this function
make[5]: *** [dialog-file-access.lo] Fehler 1
make[5]: Leaving directory `/home/tma/gnucash/gnucash_cvs/gnucash_work/src/gnome-utils'

Initializing gconf_section with NULL fixes the warning. I don't
know if this is a real problem and if the fix will fix the real problem, if any.
May be there should be a default section in the switch statement later on.

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