Release 2.3.15 soon? What's still missing for 2.4.0?

J. Alex Aycinena alex.aycinena at
Mon Aug 9 00:55:07 EDT 2010


On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 1:00 PM, J. Alex Aycinena
<alex.aycinena at> wrote:
> Phil,
> On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 9:49 AM, Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at> wrote:
>> On Tue, 2010-08-03 at 12:29 -0700, J. Alex Aycinena wrote:
>>> Phil,
>>> >
>>> This patch reverses a change that I made to 'html-fonts.scm' in r19376
>>> that caused the style sheets other than 'default' to not work. I am
>>> not sure why balance sheet does not show anything with 'footer' and
>>> 'technicolor' for you. However, with the patch applied I have built
>>> gnucash on Fedora 13 and the following reports all work with all style
>>> sheets using either webkit or gtkhtml:
>>> - Income Statement (formatting anomalies with 'footer', all others OK)
>>> - Cash Flow (all OK)
>>> - Balance Sheet (formatting anomalies with 'footer', all others OK)
>>> - Tax Schedule Report (all OK)
>>> - Transaction Report (all OK)
>>> When I run the same reports with the standard gnucash distributed with
>>> F13 (2.3.13, r19217), all reports are identical (including the two
>>> 'footer' formatting anomalies noted above and excepting the Tax
>>> Report, of course, which the patch fixes) so I'm pretty sure the patch
>>> works and backs out the problem I previously introduced.
>>> I would be grateful if you would apply it.
>> Applied as r19413.  I just realize the checkin message attributed the
>> fix to Frank Ellenberger, not you.  Oops.
>> Phil
> Thanks for applying this.
> Alex

I've entered a new bug, number 626403, with an attached patch file
that needs to be applied before 2.4.

In doing the prior review of the reports (our earlier discussion
above), I noticed that the 'default' stylesheet formats the balance
sheet, cash flow, income statement
and transaction reports properly under webkit but not under gtkhtml.

The 'easy', 'footer', and 'technicolor' stylesheets are the reverse;
that is, they format the balance sheet, cash flow, income statement
and transaction
reports properly under gtkhtml but not under webkit, except that the
'footer' stylesheet also has some formatting problems with gtkhtml as

The patch file attached to bug 626403 corrects these problems. Specifically:

- styles that are missing in the 'footer' stylesheet (compared to 'easy') are

- the function 'gnc-html-engine-supports-css' is used in the 'default', 'easy',
'footer' and 'technicolor' stylesheets to provide styles for either webkit or

- the taxtxf.scm report file is simplified to take advantage of these changes

With this patch, all of these reports format properly with either
webkit or gtkhtml.

I would appreciate it if you or one of the other developers would
apply the patchfile.



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