Guide Documentation Patch #1 - Update #3

Thomas Bullock tbullock at
Mon Aug 9 12:46:54 EDT 2010

Per request from Derek: steps taken to support an effort to bring GC documentation up-to-date --

*         This past week Mike Alexander fixed the AppendixD xml validation errors

*         I reached the process involved in xml validation; John Ralls gave me a new direction and I hope to correct my xml error soon

*         I also have been researching the list of changes shown on the main web page ( for the purpose of developing a list of changes since 2.2.2 thru the present.

*         I have received a process to do the same with the SVN Logs for code and documents; that has not been started yet

*         I have started studying how to make a wiki page with a view to using wiki pages as interim staging areas to (a) hold new interim documentation (b) track gradual progress against a list of undocumented GC features

That's it for now.


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