Do we now have a database locking for sqlite/mysql/postgresql?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Wed Aug 11 16:08:41 EDT 2010

Gnucash 2.3.x and also 2.4.0 will in no way be multi-user enabled. Instead, 
each time more than one user (or: more than one instance of gnucash) accesses 
the same database backend, data loss will occurr almost inevitably. To prevent 
that, for XML files we create an extra lock file and display a big red warning 
sign in case it already exists. Because of the non-existence of multi-user 
capabilities, we *must* ship with a similar database lock in case the backend 
is not XML but sqlite3 or mysql or postgresql (depending on the available dbi 

I've asked this before, and the conclusion was that a lock on the full 
database is probably easiest and also sufficient. Is such a lock already in 
place? Will it work for all three existing dbi drivers?

I couldn't recall reading about this in the commit logs, so I thought I simply 
ask here directly. Thanks!



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