gwenhywfar/aqbanking5 online banking setup not working in gnucash trunk

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Aug 12 15:42:10 EDT 2010

Dear David,

Am Thursday 12 August 2010 schrieb Martin Preuss:
> > Building gnucash r19416.
> > When I launch the online banking setup in gnucash and click the "Start
> >  Aqbanking Wizard" button in the second dialog, nothing happens onscreen.
> > The gnucash console reads:
> > * 12:02:52  WARN <gwenhywfar> dialog.c:   73: Could not read dialog
> >  preferences (-67) * 12:02:52  WARN <gwenhywfar> dialog.c:   99: Could
> >  not write dialog preferences (-67)
> [...]
> That's the change I was talking about in my previous mail. For GnuCash to
> support AqBanking5 it needs to use the Gtk2Gui instead of its own GWEN_GUI
> implementation.

Or, in other words: Gnucash trunk is currently broken as it doesn't implement 
the necessary GUI usage for aqbanking5. I just changed the gnucash code in 
r19359 to at least *compile*, but it won't work for the setup. I'm sorry for 

The normal online banking usage still works, as the aqbanking4-style GWEN_GUI 
implementation of gnucash still seems to be sufficient for those operations. 
But the setup doesn't work. At the time when I committed r19359 I didn't 
understand that yet, but now it is clear, and I'll add an appropriate trace 
output in a minute.

Again: GnuCash trunk compiles with the newest aqbanking5 (beta releases or 
from SVN), but in contrast to compiling with aqbanking4, not all features will 
work for now. Specifically, pressing the "Start Aqbanking wizard" button 
currently does nothing and is not yet implemented. The other operations 
probably continue to work.

(Any gnucash older than trunk doesn't compile with the newest aqbanking5 
anyway, so the issue doesn't arise if anyone deals with older gnucash.)



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