Allow to show A/Receivable accounts for Employee payments

Christian Stimming stimming at
Tue Aug 17 08:05:20 EDT 2010

Zitat von Valdis V?toli?? <valdis.vitolins at>:

> Currently Gnucash allow to choose accounts with type A/Payable for
> Employee payments,
> which is OK, because usually it is money which you owe to employee (e.g.
> for salary).
> However in Latvia standart practice is prepayment for business trips
> etc.,
> so in this case employee owe to company, and it should be shown in
> balance accordingly.
> So, it would be nice, if Employee payment could be processed from
> A/Receivable type account.

I agree with your proposal. I think these other account types should  
be enabled for selection just like the original types.

I think it is one of gnucash's biggest strengths to not enforce a  
particular way of setting up the books on the user. As you (Valdis)  
and others have pointed out repeatedly, this flexibility in how to use  
the program is the biggest reason for accounts to like our project.  
For that reason I think even in places like this feature we should  
stick to the flexible solution and not force a particular account  
setup on the user. This means we should allow as many account types as  
possible here, but at least A/R in addition to the current A/P.

> To not confuse others, new setting to show/hide A/Receivable accounts
> for payments would be ideal.

I don't think there should be a preference for this. Just allow the  
other account types and that's it.

Feel free to file a bugzilla item which refers to the discussion here.



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