2.3.15/tax package: basic questions

Jannick Asmus jannick.news at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 07:21:56 EDT 2010


I'm using the brand new v2.3.15 on WinVista and I had a look at the very 
welcomed enhancements of the tax module. As a German user I would like 
to have GnuCash provide me with the figures for my monthly VAT report to 
the tax authority and my yearly income tax statement.

I have the following questions / remarks on the current version of the 
tax module which I think is really a good improvement in comparison what 
we had before.

1 - The account tax info do not seem to be exported to sql. Is that 

2 - The currency of the tax report is USD by default and cannot be 
changed, whereas non-USD values should be converted to USD. In my German 
version the subtotals per account are displayed in EURO as additional 
info, but the subtotals in USD are 0, although I do have FXRs EURO/USD 
in my currency database. Note that the base currency of my gnucash-file 
is EURO.

Q: Shouldn't there be a choice of the base currency of the tax report? 
Default = base currency of gnucash-file.

Q: What's wrong with the currency conversion?

3 - Running the German locale the tax files related to the German tax 
regime (e.g. txf-help-de_DE.scm, txf-de_DE.scm) do not seem to be 

Q: How can that be amended?

Last but not least let me say that I am not a programmer and my 
knowledge on software and file handling is limited. I am rather on 
ordinary tester putting 'nasty' questions which I hope can be helpful.

Thx for your replies.


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