r19445 - gnucash/trunk/src/import-export/aqbanking - Add instantiation of gwengui-gtk2 object in gnucash, which enables the setup wizard again, but it doesn't fully work yet.

Martin Preuss martin at aqbanking.de
Tue Aug 17 17:08:57 EDT 2010


On Dienstag 17 August 2010, Christian Stimming wrote:
> In particular, a quick test runs into significant UI work which is
> still needed, and also occasional crashes might occur. Hence, the
> gwengui-gtk2 parts have to be enabled manually by un-commenting

You will need the latest SVN version of gwen which fixes some problems in the 
gtk2 implementation.

As soon as the changes in gnucash are made I can test it and adapt the GUI as 
needed (and probably fix a few bugs in gwen).


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