aqbanking5 and ofxdirectconnect

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Sun Aug 22 04:58:50 EDT 2010

Hi again,

On Sonntag 22 August 2010, Martin Preuss wrote:
> On Sonntag 22 August 2010, David Reiser wrote:
> I will look into that today. Hopefully its just a simple silly bug...

Actually, it *was* a silly bug, which has been fixed now.
However, it indicates that the server sent a response (<200 || >299), so the 
request wasn't handled properly by the server.

The default of the application emulation settings is currently "Quicken 
Windows 2010", maybe this is too new for your server. You might want to try 
one of the older versions (I believe the defaults in AqBanking 4 were similiar 
to "Quicken Windows 2008").


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