2.3.15/txn report: no accounts chosen

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Sun Aug 22 15:22:39 EDT 2010

Dear Jannick,

please file this as a bug in bugzilla. However, I have further questions as I 
don't understand exactly the point where you got the erroneous behaviour: 
Which window of gnucash did you have opened when you chose the "Transaction 
report" menu item? There are two possibilities: Either you chose that from the 
general "Reports" menu (the next item after "Custom Reports" / 
"Benutzerdefinierte Berichte"), in which case you now get a report window that 
says you need to choose the accounts. Or, if you have an account window open, 
you have another two menu items at the end of the "Reports" menu, saying 
"Account report" and "Transaction report". Do you mean those?

Again, please file a bugzilla item and if possible already answer those 
questions there. Also, it might help to attach a screenshot of your observed 
behaviour there and explain what other (correct) behaviour you have expected 



Am Wednesday 18 August 2010 schrieb Jannick Asmus:
> Hi,
> just installed 2.3.15 (German version) on WinVista. In the transaction
> report (item in the report drop down) there are no accounts displayed -
> unless it is some hidden account for a special report configuration.
> That no account is chosen is prompted in the report. ... and I did adapt
> the report config such that it should display my txns. ;)
> /J.
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