transaction report: option "select all" => not all accounts selected, only visible ones was: 2.3.15/txn report: no accounts chosen

Jannick Asmus at
Mon Aug 23 02:15:50 EDT 2010

> Christian Stimming wrote:
>> Dear Jannick,
>> please file this as a bug in bugzilla. However, I have further
>> questions as I don't understand exactly the point where you got the
>> erroneous behaviour: Which window of gnucash did you have opened when
>> you chose the "Transaction report" menu item? There are two
>> possibilities: Either you chose that from the general "Reports" menu
>> (the next item after "Custom Reports" / "Benutzerdefinierte
>> Berichte"), in which case you now get a report window that says you
>> need to choose the accounts. Or, if you have an account window open,
>> you have another two menu items at the end of the "Reports" menu,
>> saying "Account report" and "Transaction report". Do you mean those?

Bug filed:

In private communication with Christian it turned out that "select all" 
in the transaction report options selects the visible accounts only, 
i.e. not those whose parent accounts are closed in the displayed account 

gtk-version 2.16.6 in gnucash 2.3.15/WinVista.

Thx to Christian for finding this out VERY fast.


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