aqbanking5 and ofxdirectconnect

Martin Preuss martin at
Sun Aug 22 04:43:45 EDT 2010


On Sonntag 22 August 2010, David Reiser wrote:
> The bad news is gnucash crashes at the point that the wizard tries to go
>  out and get a list of accounts. The gnucash terminal window says:

Hmm, I was able to retrieve the accounts with the bank server (I only tested 
on Linux,though).

>  	0x000000010a7c2d29 AO_Provider_RequestAccounts + 1184 (provider.c:712) 5 

I will look into that today. Hopefully its just a simple silly bug...

Abouf all the critical messages: This is just to let me see the messages, 
before the final release of the AqBanking family these will go away.

The "Could not read/write dialog preferences" has to do with GnuCash not using 
AB_Gui_Extend (e.g. not connecting the dialog stuff with the shared data 
storage of AqBanking). If this were used all dialogs would remember their 
dimensions, so this is something which should definately be added to GnuCash. 
This function also adds certificate handling.


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