gnucash-2.3.15 without online actions

gibs_mir at gibs_mir at
Tue Aug 24 06:17:26 EDT 2010

> Do you get any error message on the command line and/or in the trace  
> file, ? I'd guess the  
> libgncmod-aqbanking plugin of gnucash has been compiled (due to your  
> --enable-hbci) but for whatever reason gnucash refuses to load it at  
> compile time. In that case you should see an error message during  
> startup. You can try "ldd  
> /some-path/lib/gnucash/" to check whether its  
> used libraries can actually be found.
> The version numbers look fine so far and are known to work correctly.

/tmp/gnucash.trace showed directly what's wrong!

* 10:58:47  WARN <gnc.module> Failed to dlopen() '/opt/gnucash-2.3.15/lib/gnucash/': cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
* 10:58:58  CRIT <gnc.core-utils> gnc_uri_create_uri: assertion `path != 0' failed

I added /usr/local/lib (where my is located) to the path and everything works like a charm again :-)

I didn't know about the trace file until now - learned something new!

Thanks a lot!

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