OS X: new file not properly bound

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Tue Aug 24 19:08:49 EDT 2010

On Aug 24, 2010, at 9:45 AM, G.W.Pigman III wrote:

> If I try to enter a description that begins with the letter "N," gnucash opens a new file. Next to new file in the file menu is "N," not command-N, so I assume that new file is not properly bound.

Darn. I thought I had that problem fixed. In the short term, try copying Gnucash.app/Contents/Resources/share/gnucash/ui/osx-accel-map to ~/Library/Application Support/Gnucash/accelerator-map. That should fix the no-modifier accelerators; some of them will still be "control" for reasons that elude me at the moment, but at least you'll be able to type in the register.

(You can get to the inside of Gnucash.app by right- (or control-) clicking on it in Finder, then selecting "Show Package Contents" from the resulting context menu. You can option-drag it to the app support folder and rename it there after deleting the old one.)

John Ralls

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