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On 2010-07-19, at 13:53, Thomas Bullock wrote:

> Geert and others,
> The discussion about version references in code for soon to be reached 2.4 makes me realize I need to find out the conventional wisdom regarding version references in documentation.
> Recent emails mentioned that the existing documentation is last current for version 1.8.  Current stable is 2.2.9 and soon to be 2.4 in the not distant future, it seems to me it would be useful to indicate the version number on at least the "how-to-use-feature" 

I may be a bit late with this, but was there any progress on this front? In the DocBook documentation, it should be pretty easy to define XML entities [1] that refer to the correct version of GnuCash, like so:

<!ENTITY curr-stable "2.2.9">
<!ENTITY next-stable "2.4.0">
<!ENTITY curr-unstab "2.3.15">

Then we can refer to the correct versions throughout the documentation, like so:

	In the current stable version of GnuCash, &curr-stable;, ...

And so on. Then all we have to do to make the whole documentation refer to the correct version numbers is manually update the entity definitions in a single place, presumably in the main DocBook XML file.

This technique can work pretty well on a bunch of other changeable items too.

I'm happy to help out if someone is already coordinating this, otherwise I'll start doing it myself (running a git svn clone right now, about 3,100 revs done and thousands more to go).




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