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Please read the license [1] carefully, and see below:

On 2010-08-27, at 08:54, Onan Farabi wrote:

> Hello sir,
> I'd like to translate the documentation to bahasa indonesia and redistribute it 
> with the software. The cost for the CD is USD 2.0 and I will sell it for USD 3. 
> I will donate the USD 1 each CD to you since I got 0.5 USD for the CD. Am I 
> allowed?

All of this fine.

> And what about the copyright of the distribution? I dont think I will 
> release the bahasa indonesia documentation for free. Can I copyright the bahasa 
> indonesia translation and sell it as a book?

You cannot copyright a translation because you are not the copyright holder of the original document. If you go ahead with a Bahasa translation and publish it as a book or manual, you must license it with exactly the same license as in [1], and also you must provide each buyer with either:

(1) the full text of your translation on a floppy, CD or some other electronic medium, in a plain text-based format like TXT or plain HTML, or

(2) the web address (URL) of a site where anyone can download the translation in a plain text-based format, without having to sign up in any way by giving a name, email address, or any other information.

If you do your translation work on a publicly-accessible website, and make it easy for people to download the translation and email you improvements, you will probably find that many other Bahasa speakers will want to help you and speed up your work.

Again, please read the license carefully; it's designed to be very fair towards both the buyer and seller of any modified work.

Best of luck with your translation project and I hope you email this list from time to time with updates if you decide to go ahead with it.




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