aqbanking5 and ofxdc can crash gnucash trunk

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Sat Aug 28 02:31:38 EDT 2010


On Samstag 28 August 2010, John Ralls wrote:
> >>> Assertion failed: (xgui), function AB_Gui_ReadDialogPrefs, file
> >>> abgui.c, line 246.

The problem is that GnuCash for some reason calls AB_Gui_Unextend() which 
removes the AqBanking-related data from the GUI object (needed for dialog and 
certificate handling using AqBanking's shared storage).

This is only supposed to be done upon application shutdown. I have introduced 
a fix in AqBanking which at least fixes the segfault. However, the application 
will still not run correctly at that point, e.g. dialog dimensions and 
certificates can't be stored from that point on since the GUI object is 
unlinked from the storage :-/


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