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> Im very sorry I dont really understand about digital law. Reading from computer sometime cause a headache, and I will print and then sell the printed version. What I get from your explanation is I need also to put the documentation on the software both the translation and the original documentaion too. Am I right?

More or less. To be exact: if you sell the printed version, you must include with it a CD which contains your translation in plain text, HTML or a similar plain format which the license calls a Transparent format. For example, a Microsoft Word document is not a Transparent format and you should not use that.

OR, you must clearly mention in your printed book a website where anyone can go to download the book in a Transparent electronic format, again, something like TXT or HTML.

As for the original documentation: you don't have to include the full original documentation, but you do have to include the names and other given information of all the authors of the original documentation, as per section 4 (Modifications), as well as several other important pieces of information which are mentioned in that section.

To be on the safe side, I would definitely suggest you get the services of a lawyer to explain to you your rights and duties under the license, or at least print out and carefully look through the license with a friend.

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