aqbanking5 and ofxdc can crash gnucash trunk

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Sun Aug 29 05:13:21 EDT 2010


you both do remember that the source of the problem is already known?
The immediate reason is that GnuCash calls AB_Gui_Unextend (which is only 
supposed to be done upon application shutdown). This hs todo with Gnucash 
initializing and deinitializing GUI and banking objects every once in a while 
(which is still possible, but really not recommended).

In the SVN version von AqBanking there already is a fix which at least fixes the 
crash but the programmatical error still exists: The calling of 
AB_Gui_Unexctend(). This disconnects gnucash from AqBanking's shared storage 
so SSL certs and dialog dimensions aren't availabe anymore.


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