Dividend or Dividends (was: Re: What does "Int" mean?)

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Mon Feb 1 12:45:23 EST 2010

On Monday 1 February 2010, Derek Atkins wrote:
> >> There was also one time 'Div' in the portfolio action items. The comment
> >> with it said this to mean 'Dividend', so I changed that one as well. But
> >> in other places in GnuCash, the word 'Dividends' is used and not
> >> 'Dividend'. So I wonder, should the action item also be in the plural
> >> form ?
> >
> > I overlooked the plural form. I think it is better to unify them to
> > the plural form
> > as long as it is not strange.
> >
> > (I can't understand a nuance of English expression.)
> I don't think that singular v. plural matters in this particular case.
> I think it's reasonable to choose one and stick with it.  I don't have a
> personal preference which one we choose.
Looking further through the source, I find around 300 references to 
"Dividends", "Dividend" or "Dividend Income". So both singular and plural form 
are used throughout GnuCash in different contexts.

As we are talking about the action menu in the register and it doesn't really 
seem to matter, I think I'll stick with the singular form, simply because it's 
one character shorter.

So, unless someone comes up with a good motivation to use the plural form, it 
will remain singular.


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