r18616 - gnucash/tags - Tag 2.3.9

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Sat Feb 6 14:58:01 EST 2010


With the previous release, I offered a script to extract the changelog from 
the subversion commit messages in the form of a bulleted list, ready to copy 
and past in the news release message.

The conversation at that time died, although I did create this script. For 
2.3.9 it creates a list like this one:

Of course, this has way too much information to put in the news items, but I 
figure it's easier to eliminate from a full list than to add entries to an 
intially empty list.

What do you think ? Would this be useful for you ? Then I will put it up 
somewhere. Otherwise, I'll just leave it like that.


On Saturday 6 February 2010, Phil Longstaff wrote:
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> Tag 2.3.9
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