Menu string change "Income Ta_x Options"; was: TXF categories for French tax system

J. Alex Aycinena alex.aycinena at
Tue Feb 9 19:15:04 EST 2010


On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 7:51 PM, Frank H. Ellenberger
<f.ellenberger at> wrote:
> Dear Alex,
> I really like your patches, because I see them also opening new possibilities
> for the german tax reports e.g. Bug 432143 -  Dialog "Edit->Tax Options": we
> need also buttons to select from 1. assets, 2. liabilities
> And yes, we should avoid the ambiguity. But I believe, this string change took
> the wrong direction.
> As in the current state, with locale=C there is only the US income tax report,
> but in the future somebody could also add one (fed) or more (locale) US sales
> tax reports and then the string would change again and all translators had to
> translate the new string again, while nothing in their locale reports
> changed.
> So I would suggest, to name this menu entry "Ta_x Report Options" with a
> tooltip like "Define relations between tax report fields and accounts".
> Opional one could insert a "Sales" or "VAT/GST" in the Business menu entry
> string.
> Just my 2 Pfennig
> Frank
> Am Friday 15 January 2010 21:25:38 schrieb J. Alex Aycinena:
>> Frank, Parker,
>> It only supports income tax reporting (as opposed to sales (in US) or
>> VAT (elsewhere) taxes that are in the business features) so I changed
>> the name to avoid ambiguity (there had been some confusion about that
>> in the lists a while back). That is accurate for the US; it now
>> supports individual, corporate and partnership income tax reporting.
>> Is it different in Germany (for the work Christian did) or, possibly,
>> France (for the work Parker is trying to do)?
>> The reason it hasn't been translated is because it is new development
>> for the 2.4 release and string freeze hasn't happened yet.
>> Alex

Is the tax reporting capability currently available in the German
locale for Income Taxes or for some other kind of taxes?


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