Bug in TXF Report? Gnucash 2.3.8 and 2.3.9

J. Alex Aycinena alex.aycinena at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 19:59:10 EST 2010


>> Is your data file saved as XML or in a database?
> Alex, when  I open  up the file,  it looks like  non-ascii characters,
> control characters and unlegible materials.  It is not recognizable as
> XML.

If you didn't set it up to use a database it's XML but it's compressed
so that is why it looks like that. I don't think it's relevant.

> In /usr/local/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/taxtxf.scm:
> 1387: 28   (let* (# # # ...) (if # # ...) ...)
> 1396: 29*  (if (not #) (if # # ...) ...)
> 1495: 30   (begin (if # # #) selected-accounts-sorted-by-form-line-acct)
> 1496: 31*  (if (not #) (if tax-related # #) (begin))
> 1499: 32   (if tax-related (set! txf-invalid-alist #) (begin))
> 1505: 33   (begin)
> /usr/local/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/taxtxf.scm:1505:23: In procedure begin in expression (begin):
> /usr/local/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/taxtxf.scm:1505:23: missing or extra expression

This is a different error from the earlier one so it looks like
setting the Tax-Entity-Type got you around that one. However, I
couldn't figure out how to reproduce this one. I did make a change to
the code that hopefully solves it but can't test it myself since I
can't reproduce it. I earlier sent you a revised taxtxf.scm file which
solved the earlier problem. Now I attach an updated one that includes
that fix plus this one. Could you please test it let me know if it
works. Like I said before, do the following (you'll have to be root to
do this):

1. with gnucash not running, rename the original file




2. copy the attached file to

3. start gnucash and open your data file; open the report and let me
know if it works.

4. save the new 'taxtxf.scm' file somewhere, if you want, and rename
the original one back.

Again, I look forward to your feedback,

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