Python bindings

Christoph Holtermann c.holtermann at
Tue Feb 16 13:04:29 EST 2010

Hello !

I have tried to get the python bindings to work. They are very
unstable for me. When I execute

gnucash-env python

python starts fine. Then I try importing gnucash

>>> import gnucash

Here problems start as I sometimes get a Stack overflow
which kills python. I found no pattern. It just happens sometimes.
Most of the times actually. When importing gnucash worked there
are no further problems and everything works fine.

When instead of manually importing gnucash I import a module
which imports gnucash or if I start a program XXX by

gnucash-env python

there is no chance to get things working. Just now I got the output :
* 18:56:25  WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> [qof_backend_module_init()]
GNC_DBD_DIR not set: using /usr/lib/dbd

then the execution finished. A second execution lead to:
* 18:58:01  WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> [qof_backend_module_init()]
GNC_DBD_DIR not set: using /usr/lib/dbd
ERROR: Stack overflow

A third:
* 18:58:25  WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> [qof_backend_module_init()]
GNC_DBD_DIR not set: using /usr/lib/dbd

The fourth was as the second and a fifth as the third.

So : Manually importing works sometimes and automatically importing does
never work.

Maybe you have some ideas about this weird behaviour.

I use Python 2.6 (r26:66714, Feb  3 2009, 20:52:03) and todays svn
branch of Gnucash.
The latter is r18659.

best regards,

Christoph Holtermann

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